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AristoClass, ClassPerfect and Teacher Control Software Updates
AristoClass, ClassPerfect and Teacher Control Software Updates
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  • Regular product improvements and enhancements
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Full version of the software must be installed on your computers prior to running this update program. Run this update program on all workstations and it will update the software to the latest version. If you have AristoClass or ClassPerfect and later, you may use the Web update feature from the teacher software.

The update cannot be used for upgrading to a higher software version (e.g. not from AristoClass 3.1 to AristoClass 4.0), just to update to the latest available version within one sequence: e.g. from AristoClass to AristoClass

Please contact your reseller for receiving upgrade kit from any previous version of AristoClass to AristoClass

Software Update Version Date Get File
AristoClass 4.1 Update
MD5 Hash: 109953A93D1848824DF645DF4A57527E 2005-12-13 download
AristoClass 4.1 Demo
MD5 Hash: 0B9BD5480740F439512D85E8855616AE 2005-12-13 download
ClassPerfect 4.1 Update
MD5 Hash: 75877210AB042CF7236B066E041AD673 2005-12-13 download
ClassPerfect 4.1 Software
MD5 Hash: CAE3BC6A0C4D1DE82C50D83D12C957F4 2005-12-13 download
Teacher Control Software Update
(Cyrillic language support for Digital Board)
MD5 Hash: 55808624901ECF56DA1AF9123B3A9220
2.41 2004-03-23 download
Teacher Control Software Update
MD5 Hash: 9EA4EF8E53A13DA5227A50460E63EF38
2.4 2002-04-24 download
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